Farming Simulator 21: How to fill Seeder?

Farming Simulator 21: How to fill Seeder?
Farming Simulator 21 has the potential to be the best game in the FS series. However, the success you can achieve in the game will depend on the decisions you make. Basic knowledge about various aspects is a must if you desire good results. One of such aspects is the use of seeders and fertilizers. This brings our attention to two related subjects:

  1. Farming Simulator 21: How to fill Seeder
  2. In FS21, where to buy fertilizer from?

Seeds are required by a seeder and a fertilizer is required by a fertilizer spreader. Now, let’s shed some light on how easily you can load your machines with goods.

First of all, you should strap the goods to a vehicle. Purchasing the right pallet in the shop is also important. Then, you will have to transport the goods (via the vehicle) to the purchased pallet. However, a few other details should also be taken into account while learning about Farming Simulator 21: How to fill Seeder and where to buy fertilizers from.

Transporting with the help of machines:
It’s a known fact that there are various machines in FS games that can be unloaded immediately after you fill them. If lime spreader’s case is any indication, a machine will unload everything on pallets, if the latter is located near the former.

Transporting pallets:
There’s no doubt that it is a good idea to transport pallets. For this task, you must purchaser a loader or front loader for your tractor along with an attachment option for pallets.

Transporting into a dumper trailer:
This method has gained prominence over time and is now commonly used by FS players. It involves emptying the pallet contents directly into a dumper trailer. The upside to using this method is that it allows players to transport large volumes of seeds and fertilizers in a quick and secure manner.

Auger wagons:
Transporting seeds and fertilizers via auger wagons can be your gateway to achieving good results in the game. It is a comfortable approach and these wagons are impressively cheap. For instance, you can buy a Seed Runner 3755 XL for just $20,000.

Now that you have come across some important tips regarding FS21 and where to buy fertilizer from etc. you have better chances of achieving good results.

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