How to buy land in Farming Simulator 21?

How to buy land in Farming Simulator 21?
Farming Simulator 21 has the potential to be a highly addictive game. However, to fully enjoy the game, it is important for you to know how to buy land in FS21.

Before learning how and from where to buy land in Farming Simulator 21, you must keep in mind a few details. Firstly, you will be unable to purchase single fields. Still, there are loads of other choices for you in this regard e.g. you can create a field in an empty space and alter its size. There will be countless fields of irregular sizes and it’s a guarantee that there will be hardly any limits to your creativity in FS21.

Some key tips to understand Farming Simulator 21 and how to buy land in it and achieve amazing results are listed below:

  1. It is important for the field (that you are interested in buying) to be longer rather than wider. Because of this approach, vehicles will not have to turn back that often and the cost of time will reduce significantly.
  2. If your goal in the game is to plant as much stuff as possible but don’t have an endless supply of money to purchase land, try choosing fields which are close to each other. This technique will allow you to work on the fields and transport stuff easily and in a cost-friendly manner.
  3. Unfortunately, it is not possible to teleport stuff from one part of the map to another, so transporting that stuff is your only option.
  4. It is important for you to evaluate the fields that you will be working on. Our suggestion is that you buy a field without any trees on it as it will save you from the time-consuming task of cutting down trees. Also, your experience will be much more comfortable if your field doesn’t include hills. You should buy your first few fields very carefully since you will be responsible for creating a lot of stuff such as sheds, silos etc.
  5. You should also know that that you can purchase one big field and divide it into multiple sections.

For buying a flat land in Farming Simulator 21, you can use the map to locate it. Map should be utilized for finding the ideal plot.

So, now that you have a lot of information on hand regarding how to buy land in FS21, we hope that you enjoy a good gaming experience and get the best possible results.

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