Farming Simulator 21: Where to get Water?

Farming Simulator 21: Where to get Water?

Farming Simulator 21 is a farming simulation video game that starts in the open-world farm environment and is played from the perspective of first-person and third-person. Farming Simulator 21 where to get water is the most popular question for the farmers in the simulation game. If you love to play simulation games and want to play the role-play farming game, you must have the knowledge about the Farming Simulator 21 where to get water?

We all know that the simulator game 21 for agriculture is a game about fields, plants and soil. The players are therefore able to plant vegetables and other plants. But we all know that if we want vegetables or other plants, we don’t just need seeds or fields–we need to have plenty of water. For each plant, it’s one of the most important things. A lot of minerals are needed for plants in the water. Water is also required for each animal (except for hens). Staying alive is the main element. So, the question is FS21 where to get water? We’re going to help you out.

You can do it in different ways if you want to get water in this game.

  • You can get it out of the reservoir. It may be a lake or a river.
  • You can take it from the tanks on the map.
  • From the store you can buy a tank (it costs $5,000).

So, you now know FS21 where to get water. But in this game, we’d like to share more details about water with you.

To carry water, you have to buy a special tank. In the store you can buy it (go to the Animals tab). Let’s look at what you can buy and how much it will cost. Joskin Aquatrans 7300 S ($9500); Lizard MKS 8 ($25 000) and Liazrd MKS 32 ($68 000) are available for purchase.

Please note: you can find a small trailer FST 990 in the Others tab. But you can not just use it for transportation of fuel; not for transportation of water. So, be careful and make the right way to spend your money.

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