Farming Simulator 21: How to buy Seeds?

Farming Simulator 21: How to buy Seeds?
“I am eagerly waiting for Farming Simulator 21 but where to buy seeds from to carry on planting activities?”

“When will we receive additional details about Farming Simulator 21 and how to buy seeds and other items in it?”

Here, we will be explaining in detail about the role of seeds in the FS game series, so many of your questions such as the above mentioned ones should be answered.

If you have played Farming Simulator 19 and are excited about FS21, then you must be familiar with the activities in the game series. Among these activities, a prominent one is purchasing seeds. In Farming Simulator games, buildings, vehicles, plants and other stuff are important in their own right. However, the importance of plants is on a completely different level. It is also clear that seeds should be taken into account while discussing plants. There can’t be a plant without seeds. But in Farming Simulator 21, how to buy seeds? To answer this question, we will use FS19 as a reference. We will also answer the question “In FS21, where to buy seeds from?”

Firstly, you will be required to head to shop menu and locate seeds in the Bigbags category (accessed via Objects).

Sowing and planting:
Once you learn about FS21 and how to buy seeds in it, your focus should shift on sowing and planting. Sowing isn’t a time-consuming task and is rather simple and fun. However, it should be noted that different tools are needed for different plants. For example,

  1. Seeders category will present you with tools required by wheat, rye, rape, oats, soybean, grass and oilseed radish.
  2. Planters category will give you access to tools needed by corn, sunflower, soybean, sugar beet and cotton.
  3. Potatoes and sugar cane will require tools available in their own category.
  4. Forestry equipment category will be comprised of tools beneficial for poplars ant trees.

You should also know that the tools have to be filled in advance from seed pallets. Additionally, cultivation makes it possible for grains to be sewn together.

Before performing sowing and planting actions, you should always fertilize the field. An additional fertilization action can produce the best results. Another interesting fact about this game is that there will be various methods at your disposal for improving the field’s quality such as:

  1. Liquid Fertilizers: Available in the shop. These are quite expensive but guarantee effective results.
  2. Artificial/Loose Fertilizers: Their cost is quite low and if used at the same time, these fertilizers can produce amazing results. So, these fertilizers should be your go-to as they save you money and time.
  3. Slurry and manure: It is a by-product of pigs and cows. For their distribution however, a machine is required that can be found in the shop but it costs a little too much
  4. Digestate – This method requires you to place grass on the pile and then wait for it to ferment.

Thus, there are many ways in which you can improve the quality of your fields. You are free to choose the method that best suits your skills and requirements.

Interestingly, there is another method of improving the field quality. You can plant oilseed radish in your fields. Oilseed radish possesses exceptional qualities and this will reflect in the results. To add icing to the top, this method is quite cost-effective as it only requires you to purchase oilseeds radish seeds.

So, now when anyone asks you about Farming Simulator 21 and where to buy seeds in it and how to proceed following the purchase, you should be able to answer them easily. What matters is how effective you are in choosing the best methods for best results.

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