Farming Simulator 21: Best starting City

Farming Simulator 21: Best starting City

Farming simulator is the one of the most realistic farming simulations and the best choice for players that want to experience the adventure of an agriculture business. When choosing which gear to purchase, which animal to pick up, and how much seed you will need for the season, you will spend time maintaining your assets and liabilities for that year. You can ride your own machinery, recruit NPC employees to help you build your FS21 Best Starting City or hire mates with up to 16 players for multiplayer fun in Farming Simulator 21 Best Starting City.

Every player wants to see the game’s best outcome. You want to have the same thing, of course. But you have to make the right call before any of this. And if you have sufficient understanding of the game, you can also do it. So, recommendations are quite effective in the game and here are some FS21 best starting city options for you. Do not waste your opportunity to use this information and take complete advantage of these suggestions.

But before we move ahead, make sure how you can prevent the destruction of your crops and fields in order to become the best in the game. Destroying your crops can be extremely problematic when you build your Farming Simulator 21 Best Starting City and the game has disabled the ability to run your vehicles over and destroy them. However, your cars can still destroy the crops if they are in the first phase of growth.

But that’s not everything. If you want to avoid the destruction of your crops and fields, you need to know what is the best time to fertilize plants. So, you have to fertilize them twice: first before planting, and then in the first stage of growth for the second time. And you can weed them after that.

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